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Signing Up
Using Raffle Guide, initiating your journey is seamless. Begin by registering here. During registration, provide details including your Full Name, Email, Password, Country, and the specific Types of Fundraisers you typically organize. After selecting "Start Your Raffle", your account will be promptly created based on the information provided.
Connect Stripe Account
After establishing your account, you'll be prompted to link it to your Stripe account. Stripe serves as the gateway through which your earnings are transferred. It's essential to ensure that your Stripe account is seamlessly connected with Raffle Guide for efficient and secure transactions. Additionally, Stripe provides a comprehensive record of all your transactions, offering added transparency and detail on their platform.
Creating A Raffle
Upon logging in, you will notice a "New Raffle" button. By clicking on it, you'll be directed to a page where you can input all the details for your forthcoming raffle.
To initiate your raffle, begin by naming it. Following this, establish your ticket pricing. We offer the flexibility of granting discounts for bulk ticket purchases – a feature you can opt to use or ignore. By selecting "Add Discount" an additional field will emerge, allowing you to introduce various discounts. Upon pressing "Save Discounts" all the discounts you've input will be stored for your raffle. Conversely, "Clear Discounts" will erase your present discount set. Rest assured, if you change your mind, reintroducing the discounts at any stage is seamless.
Begin by sharing details of your raffle in the provided field. This space is designed for a comprehensive description and any pertinent information potential entrants might require. Beneath this, you'll find an area where you can either click or drag-and-drop images relevant to your raffle. Upon uploading, these images will promptly be displayed with an 'x' icon overlaying them. Should you reconsider any image selections, simply click on the 'x' to effortlessly remove them.
Next, you have the opportunity to detail the prizes for your winners. Begin by naming the prize, followed by a description in the space provided. Should you wish to add more prizes, simply select "Add Another Prize" and the current entry will be saved to your raffle, permitting you to continue with another prize addition. For any adjustments or removals, utilize the edit icon or the red 'x' respectively, which corresponds to each specific prize.
The concluding steps involve selecting the raffle's closing date, signifying the final day and time for ticket sales. You'll be provided with fields to pick a specific date and time, with all timings adhering to the EST (Eastern Standard Time) zone. After finalizing your choices, by clicking "Save And Preview Raffle" you'll be directed to a preview page, offering a glimpse of how your raffle will appear upon activation.
Preview Your Raffle
This is the preview of how your raffle will appear once it's live. It displays the raffle name, the current profit along with the number of entrants (an option to keep this exclusive is available), and a countdown indicating the time remaining for entries. On the left, you'll find detailed information about the raffle, accompanied by the images you've uploaded—all of which are viewable by the audience. The right side showcases the prizes, complemented by their respective images.

At the bottom of the page, you have the opportunity to select the appropriate plan for your raffle, each tailored with its unique pricing and features. Upon clicking the dropdown menu, you'll be presented with a detailed cost and feature set for each plan:

  1. Free Plan:
    • Cost: Absolutely free of charge!
    • Maximum of 20 entries.
    • User-friendly account dashboard.
    • Compatible with social media platforms.
    • Features automatic raffle drawing.
  2. Premium Plan:
    • Cost: $150.
    • Allows up to 150 entries.
    • User-friendly account dashboard.
    • Social media compatibility.
    • Automatic raffle drawing.
    • Option to sell tickets in person at events.
  3. Exclusive Plan:
    • Cost: $300.
    • Grants unlimited entries.
    • User-friendly account dashboard.
    • Social media compatibility.
    • Automatic raffle drawing.
    • Sell tickets personally at events.
    • Option to hide ticket sales from the page.
    • Customize your raffle page according to your preferences.

Once you've made your selection and completed the payment, your raffle will be activated and live for participants.

Buying Tickets

As your raffle goes live, participants will be presented with a streamlined process to purchase their tickets. The entry form will solicit the following details:

  • Number of Tickets: Here, they'll specify how many tickets they'd like to purchase.
  • Total Amount: This field will automatically display the total cost based on the number of tickets selected.
  • Full Name: Entrants will provide their complete name for ticket registration.
  • Email Address: This ensures that participants can receive confirmation emails and any raffle-related notifications.
  • Phone Number: A direct line of contact for any immediate communication needs.
  • Street Address: This will include the house number, street name, and other address details.
  • City: The city of the participant's residence.
  • State: The specific state where the participant resides.
  • Zip Code: The postal code associated with their address.

Additionally, they will be able to view any discounts you're offering for purchasing multiple tickets. Upon completing the transaction, they'll receive an email with their unique ticket numbers.

Raffle Statistics

Upon accessing your dashboard, hover over the "....." icon to reveal additional options. By selecting the "View Insights" option, you'll be redirected to the comprehensive insights page for your raffle. This page will showcase:

  • Statistics: Gain a deeper understanding of your raffle's performance with detailed metrics.
  • View Raffle Page: Directly access the live page of your raffle to see it from an entrant's perspective.
  • Edit: If modifications are required, utilize this option to promptly update raffle details.
  • Pick Your Winners: We'll delve into this feature in a subsequent section.
  • Sell Tickets Personally: A special feature exclusive to Premium & Exclusive Raffle tiers. This allows you to manually sell tickets offline and then record the entrants' details in the system.
  • Customize Your Page (Exclusive Raffles only): Elevate the aesthetics of your raffle page by adjusting text colors, background hues, and other design elements to align with your brand or theme.

With these tools at your disposal, managing your raffle has never been more efficient and customizable.

Sell Tickets Personally

When you're out and about, and an opportunity arises to sell raffle tickets, our platform is optimized for such in-person interactions. We've designed a specific form to accommodate these sales scenarios.

  • How Many Tickets Are You Selling?: Define the number of tickets you're selling in this section.
  • Total Amount: This field auto-calculates, reflecting the total price based on the number of tickets inputted.
  • Full Name: Input the entrant's name for identification purposes.
  • Email Address: Specify the email where the entrant will receive their ticket details.
  • Phone Number: A secondary mode of contact for the entrant.
  • Address Details: Input fields like Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code ensure comprehensive information gathering.
  • Current Ticket Prices & Discounts: This part of the form outlines the prevailing ticket prices and any available discounts, fostering transparent transactions.

Once the cash payment has been collected, all you need to do is hit the "Submit Entrant" button. Immediately, an email will be dispatched to the buyer containing their unique raffle ticket numbers. This process guarantees a streamlined and effective offline ticket sales experience for both seller and buyer.

Customize Raffle

One of the standout features of the Exclusive raffle hosting plan is the advanced customization it offers. With this option:

  • Discretion: You have the choice to keep both the number of entrants and the total funds raised private, ensuring your raffle maintains the desired level of confidentiality.
  • Text Colors: Tailor the typography's hue to best fit your theme or brand.
  • Background Colors: Adjust the backdrop of your page to resonate with your desired aesthetics.
  • Box Background Colors: Further refine the design by customizing the background colors of specific boxes or sections on your page.

Opting for the Exclusive plan ensures a unique and personalized raffle experience, setting your event apart from the rest.

Picking Winners
Upon selecting "Pick Your Winners" you'll be navigated to a page with options tailored to your raffle's current status. If your raffle is ongoing, you have the flexibility to conclude it prematurely. Alternatively, if you reconsider, you can maintain its active status without any changes. Should you decide to finalize the raffle early, the system will immediately update the end date to the current moment. Following this, you'll be presented with the option to "Pick Winners". Once activated, this feature will randomly select and display the fortunate participants of your raffle on the screen.
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