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Q: Is Raffle Guide available internationally?
A: Currently, Raffle Guide services are not available outside of our home country. However, we are actively working on expanding our reach to provide our services globally in the near future.


Q: Can I tailor the raffle page to match my specific theme?
A: Yes, our Exclusive plan offers comprehensive customization options for your raffle page. This plan allows you to personalize various design elements, including background and text colors, to ensure your raffle aligns with your unique theme.

Financial Queries

Q: How can I receive the funds from my raffle?
A: Upon creating your account, you will be prompted to link your Stripe account, a secure payment processor akin to PayPal. This integration enables the seamless transfer of your raffle earnings directly to your bank account. As tickets are sold, the revenue is deposited into your connected Stripe account and subsequently disbursed to your bank account according to the predetermined schedule.
Q: Am I able to select a different credit card processor?
A: Currently, the selection of credit card processors is fixed. However, we are actively exploring partnerships with additional payment processing services to provide more options in the future.


Q: What are the hosting plans and pricing for organizing a raffle?
A: We offer various hosting plans tailored to meet your needs. The Free Plan accommodates up to 20 entries at no cost. Our Premium Plan is priced at $150, allowing up to 150 entries. For larger events, the Exclusive Plan at $300 provides unlimited entries. Details on each plan can be found on our Pricing Page.

Winner Selection

Q: Does Raffle Guide facilitate the selection of winners?
A: Yes, with our "Pick Your Winners" feature, the Raffle Guide system automatically selects winners from the pool of participants who have entered the raffle, ensuring a fair and random drawing.
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