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Save Money, Raise Money
Expand Your Reach Far and Wide
Obtain your personalized fundraising page and disseminate it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, via email, and everywhere else.
Facilitate In-Person Sales and Cash Transactions
Conveniently conduct sales at events and other in-person venues, accepting cash payments as well.
Bid Farewell to Lost Tickets or Missing Entries
Efficiently manage all entrant details and monitor fundraising advancements. All data is systematically consolidated in one central hub.
Select Winners with Ease
Choose winners seamlessly, automatically at the click of a button.
No Technical Expertise Needed
Initiate your fundraising campaign in mere minutes. No need for coding, just a few simple clicks!

No Obligations. It's Straightforward and Risk-Free.
This is what people are saying.....
"At our company, we have employed a variety of programs for managing fundraisers and giveaways. The experience with this specific platform has been extraordinarily positive. The user interface, the additional plan options, the automation features, and the straightforward dashboard have all contributed to simplifying our process of giving back. We are excited about the prospect of hosting more giveaways with Raffle Guide in the future, confident in its ability to enhance our philanthropic efforts."
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Fundraising Management Solutions and Fundraising Planning with RaffleGuide

Enhancing an internet-based fundraiser raffle has transformed into a smooth and efficient process, thanks to innovative technologies like the one we provide. We have crafted our online fundraising platform with a laser focus on raffles, offering many options perfectly tailored for any organization looking to host a fundraiser, including a raffle. Our platform is adept at deciphering the complexities of fundraiser organizing, providing efficient solutions that enhance the likelihood of attaining fundraising success to remarkable heights.

Fundraiser Hosting Sources and Fundraising Management

Our advanced fundraising management solutions enable users to simplify an essential process component, giving them more time to focus on generating funds for their cause. Our resources are created to assist you, from planning to regulating your online fundraising raffle.

Our platform stands out by offering fundraiser automation for success, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We believe in empowering our users with the best fundraiser planning resources and management programs available.

RaffleGuide provides the best fundraiser hosting sources and online tools for organizing a successful fundraising raffle. Your next fundraiser is specific to be successful with our user-friendly platform and extensive assistance.

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